Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today's my B-day and I'm so happy because everyone wished a happy birthday: my bro's friends, my friends, my friends online, my uncle, my aunt, my family etc. and even Kanyeuniversecity lol ! But I'm sad at the same time.. because I didn't have a party - cuz I have no friends - and so I invited my friend, but she couldn't come...
I really cried, because I can't find a normal friend.. 13 years olds smoke, drink, maybe sniff, do weird shit, don't wanna study and don't wanna get a future ahead them cuz they're rough and out of politeness. I'm not like them. I'm not an ordinary girl... And I can't find people like me, as if I was the bad one...! I'm litterally alone, apart some friends online.
Aaaahhh.. This is so awful... I really found consolation on the board... Thank you :]


gretagarbo said...

Happy birthday honey !!!
never mind the others, stay as unique as you are, i understand it s difficult to be a maverick and not be understood most of the time, but you know what : that is what makes you who you are.
Stay yourself, resist the main stream, i can assure you in a few years you ll find strength and pride in your uniqueness.
Bless you buttercup, a little song for the "different" ones amongst us ;o))

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Happy be-lated b-day, I was just like you as a teenager. One day those ppl doing drugs and what not are gonna look back and wish they hadn't. You just gotta do what you think is right and keep your head up :)