Monday, March 23, 2009

A magnificent experience

Hey, what's up? I'm here... Saturday night I just came back from Milan... Well, nothing much, I've just seen John Legend in concert! YAAY! =D It was my first concert, I was so excited...! And plus, it was John Legend's! So, I went there my brother. We travelled by train from about 5:30 PM to 12 AM... it was horrible. But when we arrived there, things got better. We stayed at my brother's friends; it has been so funny! The next day I went in Piazza Duomo and screamed under the "TRL balcony" and the cameras taped me! We did a couple of things and bought a present for my brother's friend, 'cause it was his birthday. The next day I wanted to go again at Piazza Duomo under the TRL balcony 'cause there was John Legend there, but my brother was tired so he didn't want to take me there.. Well, I was sad about this, but when I got at the Alcatraz (the place of the concert) just in front of the stage I was like "fuck TRL"!
So, the concert was just amazing. I had to wait about 3 hours until the show started but it seemed like I've been waiting there for just 1 hour. Before the concert began, John's bro, Vaughn Anthony, sang some of his songs. I also shook his hand and took a picture with him at the end of the concert! In his songs his says shits like "I know she'll be everything for me" and "I wanna see her face"... man, you don't even know that girl! Whatever, he's so cute and nice! After every song he kept telling us "I go by the name Vaughn Anthony, check my out on iTunes", and if I had an iTunes account I would've bought his album! My friends that saw my picture with him said we're a nice couple. Like, "the next famous couple". He could be the new Chris Brown, since things aren't getting better for him. If Vaughn becomes famous, I'll print my pic with him and be like "b**chessssss look at this"! LOL well at least that's what I secretly dream.
ANYWAYS, let's talk about the concert. When the lights turned off and everyone screamed, we could've notice a figure behind the big screen... then I got so excited! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! A totally black and awesome figure, with white jacket and tie. So you see on the screen John getting upon a ring, looking like a hot and sexy Muhammed Alì; my bro screams "Go Muhammed!" and the word "LEGEND" in red caps appears and disappears on the screen! Then here he goes, The Legend, singing "Used to Love You". "Holla, holla, holla-aaaaaaa..." =) I didn't know what happened to me, I was screamin' just like a bitch! I was sooo tone-deafed (sorry for my english.. I don't really know wheter I'm correct or not)! Like I've never sung a song before... 'cause when you're there you can't claim to shut up and just listen; plus, you wanna sing out loud, otherwise you're not happy! At least, that's what I felt like.
John is sooooooo sexy, man! I really forced myself not to jump on the stage, 'cause I could have. LOL! Then when he took the glasses and the shirt off we all were like "WOOOOOOO!", especially the girls.
Uhmm.. what else can I say? Well, you may wonder how good it was. Ooh! Well, maybe most of you don't know, but every time he sings "Slow Dance" he chooses a girl from the crowd to slow dance with. I'm too young for it, and of course he didn't choose me! He chose a girl called Cristina; really pretty! Anyway, I secretly hope he'll choose me once. I mean, I'm nice! ;o) and whatever, I'm sure he will someday.

Oh, this is me with Vaughn.

In these days I've been thinking that John is not that nice at all. I mean, pleaaaase say something about your italian fans! How are they? Nice? Good? Ugly? Well, I hope you'll tell us something tomorrow at X Factor! =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Help me!

"The Nike Air Yeezy will release in Spring 2009. Three colorways will be available. The first in April 2009 will be the Zen Grey/LT Charcoal color way, followed this will be followed in May by a Black/Black version, and in June with the final Net/Net color way."
This was on

Ok now, which are the "Zen Grey/LT Charcoal color way", the "Black/Black version" and the "Net/Net color way" among those? Please help me, I'm disperate.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Teehee :D

I really cannot wait to see this movie! I really love "boys'" movies. You know what I mean, those things like Batman, Iron Man, Scarface & co, that ordinary girls don't like. I don't understand why other girls stick on romantic movies and don't even try to whatch other kind of movies. There's nothing wrong in romantic movies, but they're always full of shits. People in those films say always "I love you" and it's pretty boring. And there's no action, only people kissing and making love all time... The only romantic film I like is "Breakfast at Tiffany's", only because I like the way Audrey Hepburn dresses and she's really funny in it. But it would be really boring without her.
Oh! I was just saying, I can't wait to see Transformers 2! The film itself is really cool, but Shia LaBeouf makes it even better! I love him, he's my favourite actor! He's so threatical, and he has got that kind of awkwardness... so cute!
So, here's the trailer....

But what is really exciting me a lot is that Kid Cudi's new song, Sky Might Fall, actually MIGHT be in the trailer! I personally like it, and it really works with the trailer! It's really dope! ;o)

Friday, March 6, 2009

"I'm late but..."

Hype Williams really disappointed me. He could've done something much better. The video is too simple, too expected.

I'm in love!

I'm never in love with any guy, 'cause I always fell in love with shoes or bags. This is my new crush!

I've always known Kanye was a great man, but I'd never known he'd be designing a shoe line for "Louie"! These are absolutely my favourite, a new model directly from his blog! Then I love the red ones. These ones reminds me of curtains... LOL! Look at the colors, aren't they awesome?
I didn't like the "white-beige-grey-pink-or-whatever-it-is" ones, but now I'm really appreaciating (I don't really know how to spell it, I'm too bored to take the vocabulary) them, even because they really remind me of Kanye!

These remind me of Kanye...

These remind me of a Lamborghini...

These would be even cooler with a white glowing sole... Just a funny touch ;o)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ummm.... WHAT THE ----??

Ummm.. how could these two be the same person? I mean, look at Tom's body.
Where the f--- are all those muscles?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So Yeezy's really got a new girlfriend! Well, it was sure.
But I'm a bit afraid... You know, I said I don't hate her, and actually I don't. But... she's got two big boobs, and maybe she hasn't a big brain! I mean, Kanye's a brilliant man, he needs someone like him. Alexis was a stylist at least, she was an artist. We just know that this girl poses naked.
Maybe that's the only thing she's able to do! And if I were a boy, I wouldn't like a girl with hair shorter than mine, as I hate boys with long hair. Eww. She looks one of those deported Jewish of the Second World War! :-(
But as long Kanye's happy, I'm happy too! :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Terribly Disappointed!

A friend of mine went to America and when she came back she brought me Vogue America (in the pic), since she knows I love fashion. I was so excited to see what the american Vogue look like, and now I am terribly disappointed. What do I think about it? It's horrible. No offence to Americans, I love America. I thought Anna Wintour was such a great woman, and I was sure she was gonna be one of my idols. But what I thought when I was looking at the pages of this Vogue was "WTF" and "is she crazy?". It just looks like a Cosmopolitan. Vanity Fair is even better! I mean, Vanity Fair is a great magazine, but it should be kinda... "worse" than Vogue, which is the top of the tops, the best of the best... you get me? And the paper... I've been even disappointed by the paper quality! LOL!
What about the layouts, the fonts, the fashion ads, the shots, and that "SIMPLE LUXURIES blah blah blah" thing on the corner???
I'm not saying this because I'm italian or maybe 'cause I want to exalt my country, but Vogue Italia is for sure better. When I was in Rome I even bought a Vogue France, which is really amazing! I don't know wheter it is better than Vogue Italia... I think they're at the same position.

Oh la la...

Rumors say Kanye's got a new girlfriend! Her name is Amber Rose and she's one of those bitches Yeezy uses to post on his blog. I know I never believe in rumors, but pics don't lie!
What do I think? Uhmm.. Well, I don't really care. I mean, I'm not that kind of fan that's like "KANYE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND BLA BLA BLA I LOVE HIM HE'S THE RIGHT MAN FOR ME QUACK QUACK QUACK", so I don't get mad if he has got a new girlfriend. I do love Kanye, I'd marry him and I even think that we'd make a nice couple since we love the same kind of music (duh) and we both love fashion, but man, I'm still not like that! Anyway, I know I hated his ex girlfriend, Alexis Phifer, but because she wasn't that beautiful to me... I think she's ugly. LOL.
This new lady, Amber, is nicer, and actually she do has a (is it "a" or "an"????) hot body. You know, Kanye likes girls with hot bodies. So why not? I'm happy for him!
"Kanye's new girlfriend is a HO!". That's what Perez said. And actually he's right. But whatever, I'm still happy for Yeezy.

I don't wanna post this shit on my blog. So here's the link, if you want to SEE MORE than you should.