Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday I went with my friend Giovanna to the cinema and we forced ourselves to whatch two sad movies! Nah, I'm kidding, just one of the movies was sad. The other one was also a bit sad, but funnier. I'm talking about Revolutionary Road and Milk. Giovanna chose R.R. and I chose Milk. Modestly, Milk was better (for my tastes... whatever, it just was). R.R. was a bore... these two guys, Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, break up then make up, then they break up and make up again and so on and on! Then Kate dies and Di Caprio cries. Bah! I'm not saying it was a BAD movie, not at all, but still...
I was really excited to see Milk, I always choose the best movies! From the trailer I thought it was cool, and actually it is. When the film begun, I was in panic because my bro texted me and said so I texted back , and he didn't know I was gonna see two films. Actually, my parents and he were pretty pissed off!
Whatever, I was in panic, then I became excited, but then that excitment was fading into panic again! Wanna know why? Okay, so, I don't hate gays, because they're not different from us as some people say. But at one point of the beginning Sean Penn started kissing James Franco.... I already knew I was gonna see a scene like that, but I didn't know it would've been that disgusting to me! But then I've got used of it.
Whatever, I like the movie. It was really good, and now it's officially one of my favourites. Not as that bore of R.R.! (Modestly, modestly... Gotta edit my Blogspot profile so) I loved the interpretation of Cleve Jones by Emile Hirsch... I didn't even know him before Milk. He really looked like a gay in the movie... The moves, the attitude, were really gay. Even Sean wasn't kidding thou.
I'd whatch it again, even today. But I'm not going to the cinema until Giovy's b-day, which is on Sunday (lol)! We're gonna see Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. Again. Cause we like Josh Hutcherson, he's hot.

P.S: In a scene James was swimming naked. Another reason why I love this movie.


Miss Denise said...

Claudia! How have you been? Soooo... I went to a Vh1 Taping for a show called "The Storytellers featuring Kanye West" in L.A this past Friday... And I won a contest through the Kanye fan club... so that's how I got tickets. Yes, I didn't meet him like we had an actual conversation BUT he did smile at me and shook my hand! And held it for like four seconds! hehe. It was amazing! He was being soooo silly and humble... Saying jokes. It made me fall in love with him... ALL OVER AGAIN!

E-Rich said...

P.S: In a scene James was swimming naked. Another reason why I love this movie.

Just like a girl.

Opé - Style Artist said...

I HATED R.R. sooooo boring.
I agree!
I meannn, Kate Winselt did act the heck out her part but I can't believe it was not an ABC or CBS drama.