Friday, January 30, 2009

Anyone knows who this model is?

These are some really old pictures... well, sorta. I was in Rome with my dad and my mom, and we went visiting a church in a square Trastevere (a beautiful Roman neighborhood). So, we get into this church, then we get out and we find hairdressers, stylists and a photographer, which is actually photographing this model. So, I was really excited, and I took lots of pictures to this model, as if I was the photographer. I didn't know yet that this model was wearing an YSL, I found it later when I bought Vogue... Anyway, I thought they were taking pictures for a commercial ad, but I've seen only Naomi Campbell for YSL on the magazines.. She isn't wearing YSL boots, thought. So maybe that was something for Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle or whatever..
Anyone of you knows who this model is? And what's most important: anyone of you have seen this on Vogue or any other fashion magazine?

I hope something like this will happen again, because it's really intersting! And I'd enjoy recognizing the various pieces of clothing!

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Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I've never seen her before but she's very pretty.

I'm so jealous you were in Rome!!!