Friday, June 26, 2009

While I was trying to sleep, Lino (my brother) pops into my room and says "Claudia... Michael Jackson... is dead". Then I have like.. a heart attack. But not a real one. Something comes up there, inside myself. Actually, he dead for a heart attack. A real one.
I get up and follow him into the kitchen, where the television is already talking about him. I open up Facebook page, and I see already a lotta "Michael"..."Michael"... I couldn't believe it.
The King of pop is dead. There'll not be another.
I don't understand how some people don't care about him. It's just ignorance, I guess. I remember when I was little and the Pope died, I didn't cry. I barely knew his name! Everybody cried! I didn't cry today. I usually never cry... but I was really sad. And still, I am.

The whole world is dead tonight, Michael. We love you. We'll miss you. The world has lost his greatest star. Pop has lost his King. Nobody can ever replace you.
Goodbye Michael.
Take care.

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gretagarbo said...

Rest in Peace King Michael
Bless your soul.