Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas? HA!

Ok, it's official: I hate Christmas. It is the worst period of the year, for me. It's so boring, I don't have a fuck to do all day apart seeing Scarface. And I can't even see it every day or play it, because they'd think I'm really crazy and it's not available on Windows Vista. Mother****in Bill Gates, next time you do some other shit like that I'll sue you.
They try to convince you with family stuff and Jesus, but Christmas is all about selling more clothes and wine bottles. It's all fake! Jesus wasn't even born on December 25th!
What's lamer than Christmas???
I should do my homework, but actually it's not that fun, right? I can't even go out with my friend cuz she's always with her family. I mean, I'm with my family every fucking Sunday, why Christmas should be different? It's all the same. I just received 2 gifts. Yay.

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gretagarbo said...

that post is so funny, i know you didn t mean it to be funny : but it is ;o))
it s soo witty