Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas >.<

First of all, merry Christmas! Second... umm... to you and your family!
I said I don't really like Christmas, so yesterday I wasn't so excited... I went out with Giovanna in the morning, and I bought some shit for school and a t-shirt with Scarface printed on it. I really made them print it... It's fucking awesome ;D
The only thing I like about Christmas are holidays. And presents. But since I received just two presents... A subscription to Vogue and a bag. Well, that means that I'll buy other things at the sales.
In the past week I saw Twilight twice. I saw it for the first time on Thursday, then on Friday me and Giovanna had to see that new shit film with Keanu Reeves, but since it was shit, we saw Twilight for the second time, and we had to pay a second ticket...
Anyway, nothing special at all...

So bye bye :D

Oh btw this is my t-shirt :D

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