Monday, December 15, 2008


Heyyyy! I'm back blogging. You know that I'm a shit blogger, so I don't usually do it. So, I wanna post these sunglasses that I really like, and that I'm gonna buy for Christmas. But I just don't know which color to choose. They're called Super, or Retro Super Future. Kanye also wear them. And I'm kinda proud, because they're made in Italy =D

Made In Italy with Zeiss lens
Distribution: Nipi Srl
Via Settembrini, 2727029 Vigevano - Italy
Tel +39 0381 335701
Fax +39 0381 23418

Umm.. well I guess you don't care about the telephone and fax but whatever.

Actually this is a pointless post, because no one reads my blog teehee.
And kinda pathetic (I guess that's the right spelling). But whatever. I still got Kanye's blog.
So, if some loser like me reads this post, and if he wants to help me and suggest me the right color for me, he's welcome. Oh, he could be even a she. I don't care.
I'm kinda shocked because I've never could imagine that in my shit city someone sells these sunglasses. They may be fake. Mmm, I hope not! >.<
This thing is getting even more pathetic. Bye.

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gretagarbo said...

you know what hon, i think the second glasses are really swell, all transparent, looks real good ;o))

big hugs