Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh la la...

Rumors say Kanye's got a new girlfriend! Her name is Amber Rose and she's one of those bitches Yeezy uses to post on his blog. I know I never believe in rumors, but pics don't lie!
What do I think? Uhmm.. Well, I don't really care. I mean, I'm not that kind of fan that's like "KANYE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND BLA BLA BLA I LOVE HIM HE'S THE RIGHT MAN FOR ME QUACK QUACK QUACK", so I don't get mad if he has got a new girlfriend. I do love Kanye, I'd marry him and I even think that we'd make a nice couple since we love the same kind of music (duh) and we both love fashion, but man, I'm still not like that! Anyway, I know I hated his ex girlfriend, Alexis Phifer, but because she wasn't that beautiful to me... I think she's ugly. LOL.
This new lady, Amber, is nicer, and actually she do has a (is it "a" or "an"????) hot body. You know, Kanye likes girls with hot bodies. So why not? I'm happy for him!
"Kanye's new girlfriend is a HO!". That's what Perez said. And actually he's right. But whatever, I'm still happy for Yeezy.

I don't wanna post this shit on my blog. So here's the link, if you want to SEE MORE than you should.

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Miss Denise said...

HAHA. You sound like me! But yeah, she has a banging body. I mean, pole dancing is a good work out! But her face is so-so. And no I'm not "hating" on her. But have you seen her smile? Her smile is funky looking.... But hey, if Kanye wants a stripper as a girlfriend then let it be! Aslong as he doesn't start smoking.