Sunday, March 1, 2009

Terribly Disappointed!

A friend of mine went to America and when she came back she brought me Vogue America (in the pic), since she knows I love fashion. I was so excited to see what the american Vogue look like, and now I am terribly disappointed. What do I think about it? It's horrible. No offence to Americans, I love America. I thought Anna Wintour was such a great woman, and I was sure she was gonna be one of my idols. But what I thought when I was looking at the pages of this Vogue was "WTF" and "is she crazy?". It just looks like a Cosmopolitan. Vanity Fair is even better! I mean, Vanity Fair is a great magazine, but it should be kinda... "worse" than Vogue, which is the top of the tops, the best of the best... you get me? And the paper... I've been even disappointed by the paper quality! LOL!
What about the layouts, the fonts, the fashion ads, the shots, and that "SIMPLE LUXURIES blah blah blah" thing on the corner???
I'm not saying this because I'm italian or maybe 'cause I want to exalt my country, but Vogue Italia is for sure better. When I was in Rome I even bought a Vogue France, which is really amazing! I don't know wheter it is better than Vogue Italia... I think they're at the same position.

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Miss Denise said...

I couldn't agree with you anymore. I used to look at at Vogue as a fantasy. You know, like a fairly tale but filled with fashion and a lifestyle that I can only dream of. Now, they've fallen apart or decided to serve your average American household. Vogue isn't my top choices now for fashion magazine. I do think it has to do a lot with our economy in the States. It's starting to look like your average Teen magazine. I use W and V as my top fashion magazines. Even international Vogue issues. It's sad what's it coming down to tho... Anna Wintour needs to go back to herself!