Sunday, April 5, 2009

bla bla bla...

I'm really sad... I think I'm losing my creativity. I don't design anymore, just few shits at school while I'm bored or outfits made of Chanel and Louis Vuitton clothing. What's happening to me? I hope it is just a period that'll go away... Maybe I'm whatchin' too many runways...? Do they influence me negatively? Aaaww I'm dying!
Shopping would help this... I'd love to work, so I'd earn money and buy me Louis bags and awesome shoes! Wouldn't that be amazing? ... No, okay, maybe it wouldn't help that much. Shopping apparently helps, but after few hours or less the excitement that it gives you fades away, then you want to buy something else! Well, of course, depends on what you've bought.

But whatever, I wanna talk to you about Sea of Shoes. It's an awesome blog of a 16-year-old girl called Jane Aldridge. I really have no idea, but maybe you've heard this name before. I didn't. I was like, this girl is actually nobody, so how the fuck can she afford all that awesome stuff? Margiela, Demeulemeester, Givenchy... O.O...

I've found this blog just because Kanye once posted it on his blog... well kinda. He said "PEEP THIS 16 YEAR OLDS BLOG FROM TEXAS! WHOOOA!!!" lmao! I wanna be a blogger like her! Being famous, have cool clothes... You never know what could happen in your life, it may become true. But still I gotta know wtf she is. A singer, an actress, or just a rich girl. I added her as friend on Facebook, and she accepted my request :) I told her shits like "You are now one of my style icons!" which is true. She's my style icon after Yeezy, Agyness, Mary-Kate (and/or Ashley), Rachel Bilson, Samantha Bradshaw and me.

You see? That's what the pic he'll send me someday by e-mail looks like. :)
Actually now my blog sucks because there's nothing exciting in my life to post about, nor have I awesome clothes to show.
(Kanye seems so busy with his job but actually I think he has got nothing to do because he bullshits all day on the Internet... lol)

By the way... I'd love to wear some of this clothes once.. dunno, to a runway, or a party or just to hang around Manatthan or Paris.

These were just the most decent pics I could've find... I'm totally in love with this collection. Marc Jacobs is my god! These are the little big things that make me love fashion even more than I already do... So this passion now is veeeeeeeeeeery big! But these things also make me think I'll never be like those great stylists... But who reallt knows? I may even become a model, which would be awesome. Top model=free clothes! $.$! Well, from what I heard... :)



i need the louis vuitton rings.
for sure


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

No way is she 16!? lol Her parents must have $? ;)