Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm late, but still... aawww =)

"Hey people.
I’m sitting in my hotel room in Amsterdam, getting ready to fly to the Philippines in a few hours. I’m reflecting on a very successful European tour.
I was in Italy the last few days. I love Italy. The people are lovely and there is great shopping, some beautiful scenery and interesting architecture everywhere you look. But, more than anything, I love the food. I know I’ve been getting a little skinnier lately (on purpose, by the way!), but I’m sure I added a few pounds in Italy and I loved every minute of it. Pasta, pizza, steak, tiramisu, mmmmmmmm…
I met soccer superstar David Beckham at my show in Milan. He’s a fan and he was really cool…I’m very much looking forward to going to Asia. My shows are pretty spread out in this part of the tour. So I have days off to be a tourist. I’ll tryto take in some of the sights in South Korea, Japan and China. I’ll keep you posted with updates.
Peace & love,

This was on John Legend's blog. Aaww, isn't it too sweet? =) I'm so proud!
And... David Beckham? Two sex beasts in the same room as me?? Cool. Where was he at? I haven't seen him. Umph. Well, I honestly don't give a fuck about Beckham but he's still a vip LOL! So I could've been like "I went to John Legend concert and there was even David Beckham!" with my friends. Just to read the envy in their eyes... aaahhh... XD

Really John doesn't seem that "sex beast" in the pic with Becky (LOL) but, trust me, he is. I wonder wheter he remembers my face or not. Mmm... most likely not. Teehee... =)
I wonder if he even remembers the face of Cristina, the girl he danced with on Slow Dance. I added her on Facebook! ^.^

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