Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok, I didn't know what to do, so I read this Vibe I bought in Rome. That's the February issue, with Kanye on the cover (otherwise I wouldn't have bought it). After his interview there is a list of his 50 hottest songs and 1o of "his biggest misfires" of his career. "Sometimes even geniuses drop the ball". In fact, I used to think that Vibe dudes were geniuses, but I'm not thinkin' it anymore 'cause they put "Swagger Like Us" as 1st in the "biggest misfires" list.
I thought, let's post this shame on my blog.

The sound of wasted opportunity. On paper, this is the craziest song of the decade: the greatest rappers of the moment, a sample like manna from heaven, and Mr. West on the beat. Oh, well.
Maybe it's just me that I'm stupid, but really seems like that's a perfect song. They also said it. Actually, I love it. Now, why is it first and "Drunk And Hot Girls" on 8th position?

Oh, and look at this, it really made me laugh. That's the top 10 of his best songs. (I'll miss some of the descriptions)

1. "Jesus Walks"
Well... I'm definetely NOT ok with that. His best song is surely "Through The Wire". "Stronger", at least. But people talk about "Jesus Walks" as a master piece or something, but I've listened to it like 3 times. It surely got a good lyrics but...
2. "This Can't Be Life" (Jay-Z ft. Beanie Sigel and Scarface)
Don't even know who Beanie Sigel is. Scarface is a movie, btw.
3. "Through The Wire"
Well, at least it is in the top 3.
4. "Guess Who's Back" (Scarface ft. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel)
Still those two I don't even know.
5. "You Don't Know My Name" (Alicia Keys)
Absolutely fabulous! :)
6. "Takeover" (Jay-Z)
7. "Gold Digger"
I agree with this. I LOVE this song!
8. "Say You Will"
The inverse of "Gold Digger". Spare, long, difficult and ethereal, [...]
EXACTLY! So why the hell is it 8th?? It's the only song I don't like of 808's! This guys must be stupid. Get you a job.

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