Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Lately I've seen this beautiful movie called Slumdog Millionaire. I think you've heard about it, since it's been awarded for Best Picture, Directing, Music (Song), Music (Score), Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Cinematography and Writing from the Academy Awards. And, of course, I loved it! It is really sad, but really beautiful. And actually I really like the directing, no wonder why it won an award for it. It is like my Twilight! What does that mean? Just that I think it's a beautiful love story (ugh.. I'm using too much the word "beautiful"). Cause now in Italy girls like me and even older are still freakin' out on that fucking movie called Twilight! I whatched it 2 times, but just a week later it was disgusting me. When I first saw it, I thought it was amazing, but the thing is... it's horrible! And I even thought Robert Pattinson was hot! I mean, maybe I was on some drug or something.
First of all: vampires don't exist. Second: vampires are too goth/emo for me, I hate them (why shall I like 'em? They suck blood. Eww, disgusting). Third: Edward (the "hot" vamp) doesn't even like Bella (the stupid girl), he just wants her blood. I mean, bite her then don't you bother us anymore! You'll live happily ever after!
...People (I mean, GIRLS) are like "OMG how could you? Twilight is amazing! It's a great story! Edward is beautiful!" with me, and I'm like "Yeah sure..." just to chill 'em out.

Umm... I was talking about Slumdog Millionaire. So, the movie is awesome, so do the soundtrack! The final song, Jai Ho, is just amazing! It makes me wanna dance and sing everytime I hear it! I'm already learning the dancing LOL! There is the original version of Jai Ho (don't really know what language is that...I guess Hindi or something) and the one by The Pussycat Dolls which is groovy aswell! The lyrics is beautiful! (There's one thing that gets on my nerves: I mean, Pussycats, why don't you just pronunce "Jai" as "Jai" and not as "Jay"? LOL it's terrible to hear!)
I'm thinking about marrying Dev Patel, the starring. LOL! C'mon... he's nice! If it wasn't for the ears... :/ ...maybe he'll make a surgery or something now that he's rich, but he's ok anyway. :)
He is the 5th of my list "My Potential Husbands" on Facebook. My bro said that among Kanye, Shia, Indio Downey and A-Trak he must be the politest. LOL that might be true! I'm enjoying so much this new Facebook application, LivingSocial, where you make a top 5 of any shit. Like, Top 5 Actors, singers, gadgets, fashion brands, food, Top 5 Hottest Males, etc.

Cute, isn't he? =) He's just 19 years old and, as if it wasn't enough, he's a great actor!

...God, I've just noticed I'm talking like I've never done.


KartofflMuter said...

Dev Patel has nice ears. He's a nice boy,a great actor and not at all superficial. I have the feeling he might prefer if you spent less of your time thinking of purses and more of your time helping others if you want to marry him lol. He's a Hindu. Remember? People keep forgetting that.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I still haven't seen any of those movies :( I feel so out of the loop lol

[$ H A R O N A] said...

yeah i liked slumdog a lot! how random was that dance scene in the end?