Sunday, October 26, 2008

B-Day: Coco Chanel Theme

B-Day Mise:
Coco Chanel Theme

White plain shirt
Black high-waisted skirt
Black fumé tights
Black Ballerinas

Short straight hair
Red/Pink lipstick/lipgloss (or both)
Black eye-pencil

Long black coat
Black bow
Peal necklace
Tiffany earrings
A black hat

...and a cigarette between my lips *OMG* ;O

I know I'd look ridicolous but that's my b-day... And I'd be Coco Chanel just for one night, so :D
and just I have to find a white flower to put on the coat or whatever... :D
And... I just can't believe it... But they're just 31 days until my b-day! And I don't want my b-day to come for gifts, but for my new mise! :D
You know, stylists always think forward... When it's summer they think about the next winter, when it's winter they think about next summer... We're crazy people! ;o))

Oh by the way my b-day is the november 26th...
The november 25th is the release date of 808's and Heartbreak!
:D :D :D
I'm so excited... And when in U.S.A. will be 25th there will be 26th... :D :D :D lol

I don't need any other birthday gift!
(I'm kidding of course... But that's a big gift anyway, right? (o: )

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gretagarbo said...

there is going to be a movie soon about Mrs Coco, called ; "coco before chanel"
Mrs Audrey Tautou will play the role ;o))

ps :hope you feel better than yesterday with your flue