Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey It's me! =)

Hey, I'm Claudia, a.k.a Claudiamond, Cleezy, Roc, or just Clau! =)
First of all I wanna say that I'm so disappointed: Blogspot sucks. I thought it was cooler, it thought I were able to upload a background & stuff... The only pretty thing is my reflex on the screen... Eheh... Chic.
Anyway, I'm italian... =) I love fashion (I'll be a stylist), Kanye West, music and tennis. I don't know why I wanted to make a blog here, I just thought it was nice to have one too hehe =)
I hope my mind will be full of nice thoughts & stuff to post on here... Ok, I'm not so good at introducing myself, so right now the only thing I can say is:
"bye bye" and "leave comments"(of course only when you find something intersting or you just don't know what the fuck to do)!
Kisses xxx Clau =)

1 comment:

E-Rich said...

You could google blogger backgrounds. That's how I found mine. It's boring, but not boring, ya know?