Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kanye's New Phone =D


Ooh... Kanye looks like a kid in these pics... He's really happy because of his new phone! =D

I did the same thing last year after my birthday party... I took some pics like that with my cellphone... It got a little hanging lipgloss lol

"Hey Clau! What's up, sis?"
"Hey Yeezy! I'm fine you?"
"Me too... I'm calling you from my new phone!"
"Dope! But now we haven't got the same cellphone anymore.. =( "
"I'm really sorry but my new phone is the shit!"

(That was me getting crazy... It will happen lots of times...)

1 comment:

gretagarbo said...

hihii ;o)))
love the Clau-Kanye conversation ;o))