Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Bear =D

Hi, it's Claud-a-fella (brand new nickname) again of course! =P
I'm just listening to N.E.R.D... and I couldn't wait to post my drawing!

If I'd say bear, there'd be only one bear I'd be talking about... Of course Kanye West bear, created by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami! :o)
Yesterday I drew at school my Halloween version of the cute and lovely bear, and I hope you like it :D I decided to draw even the Love Lockdown VMA 2008 version (coming soon...) lol XD
And oh yeah, I'm pretty good at drawing. I'm not being vain, but you know, when all people you know tell you you're damn good then you admit it... Otherwise I would be a bitch because I might want everyone to keep telling me I'm good... Whatever!
So, here's the bear, with Harry Potter clothes and a "Shutter Shaded" pumpkin full of candies and various sweets... Yummyyyy! I bet the bear is really happy! =D

*Homer Simpson laughing* I bet you wanna see others! ;-D

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