Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Others

Ok, this is the most horrible movie I've ever seen in my short life. Don't whatch it if you're like me, that I immediately turned off the tv the first time I saw Mischa Barton vomiting in "The Sixth Sense"! Well, now you're thinking I'm a sissy, but actually I'm not. Well you know, I do not like to have nightmares... however now I'm not afraid anymore of Mischa, actually, "The Sixth Sense" is my favourite film. Anyway, I wasn't talking about "The Sixth Sense", but I was talking about "The Others". I don't know if any of you whatched it, but it's really CREEPY and SCARY! It is a good film, I'm not saying it is bad, but it is creepy anyway. I stopped whatching it when Nicole Kidman (I forgot what she's called in the movie... They always call her "madame"... They can't even pronunce it! lol whatever) saw her sweety, lovely, nice and adorable little daughter playing with a puppet... Eheheh... This isn't scary, but the hand of the girl IS! You can only see the back of the girl at first... The scene is like, Nicole opens the door and she does that fucking look like "OH MY GOD"... But not the usual OMG look like the one I use to do... Oh no, it just get on my nerves because it scares you more than the horrible ---
Ahah... Do you wanna know why did I stop typing? Yeah, pretty good question.. Well, at the moment, even "Chopped & Screwed" by T-Pain scares me as hell! Ok, so, I was looking for the vocabulary for a word, but I was afraid to go in my room for take it... I mean, that film is crazy! And the title already scares you even before you whatch it! "The Others"... GRRR I hate it!
But of course I'm still curious, because I wanna see the little girl's face! Ahah I didn't whatch it! I told you, I turned off the tv when I saw the hand... God, don't wanna think about it...
:( :( :( :(
I won't sleep tonight.

I didn't see this scene... This is surely after the "creepy hand" thing...
I mean, look at "madame's" look.. She's a great actress, but it really makes me feel anxious and nervous!


E-Rich said...

I heard the Others sucked and so did the twist. If you wanna see horror, watch. . . I don't know, Alien. That movie creeped me out.

E-Rich said...

Oh, and about posting the pics, you can go to and upload pictures one at a time and then post them on your blog. It takes time when you have a lot of pictures, but it's quicker than photobucket.

gretagarbo said...

the weirdest part of the movie is at the end when you realise she and her children are the actual ghosts.
they thought they were haunted but in reality it s them who were haunting the living family in their house
strange twist of fate eh ?