Thursday, October 23, 2008

John Legend ft. Kanye West - It's over

I love this song so much... :D I mean, I always wanna listen to it, but I know I'm finna (don't even know what this word really means but Kanye uses to say it and I sorta understood it... whatever!) hate it so I try not to... But I just cannot stop!
Kanye's verse is amazing!
"We like Bobby and Whitney, except without the kiddies, ?%&£$!% (Pamela Anderson's) career, except without the tittes"
I listened to Evolver, but of course it is not like the other albums... There are some instrumentals I don't really like.. I'll buy it anyway :o)
(I'm litterally shocked. I just added this video on my channel like 1 hour ago and it already got 44 views... I guess they're more right now! O.o)

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E-Rich said...

My girlfriend and her brother hate Evolver. They're totally on his first album's nuts.