Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesteday I went to the cinema with my homie Giovy, and we whatched Yes Man, which was really funny! I've never laughed that hard at the cinema before! Carl, the main character, reminds me of myself..: I like staying alone at home whatchin' a movie, as I do every Saturday night. But then he must say yes every time, so he does loads of weird and funny things.. I suggest you to whatch it, it's really nice! Last time we went to the cinema we saw Madagascar 2 and we bought four movie posters... She bought one of Twilight with the vamp Edward on it, and the poster was even bigger than herself! I bought three posters: The Dark Knight with Joker on it (which is also bigger than myself), Max Payne and Righteous Kill. I didn't even whatch the last two films, but I liked the posters.
Anyway, yesterday I came back home, then I whatched 300. It's a really good movie, I like the story, the colors, the actors.. If you're a girl and you haven't seen it, well, do it then!

My bro said they suck but I don't give a fuck, I like 'em!

I want this puppet.

Now these are Aggy Deyn and Arlenis Sosa (I love her name) at the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton launch party or whatever.. I love their outfit, especially Agyness'! The jacket is super :)

BTW... I'd love to go on the red carpet wearing this:

"And the Oscar goes to... Claudia!" :)
You know, when I grow up I absolutely wanna be a stylist, a designer, but I love cinema, and I'd like to act in a cool movie :) Maybe I'd be an italian-american (or whatever you call them) character, 'unno! Then I'd be even a stylist, of course, I'd meet cool people, I'd be Agyness' and Kanye's best friend... Isn't it awesome???
Mmm.. maybe, I'd most likely prefer to choose all the clothes & stuff for the characters.. Giorgio Armani made all the clothes for "The Untouchables" and actually they were really beautiful.
SIDEBAR: What would you wear on the Red Carpet?
I really like this Balmain, even because it's young and fresh. And I am young and fresh.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Just for the "show-stopping dramatic looks" purpose of it ALL, I'd probably wear these picks, by Vera Wang


Hairstyle and ALL...maybe those picks are over the TOP slightly, but I could definitely given the right place & time, where them to a Red Carpet Event to the fulliest!!!

& Though, Vera Wang's not even a favorite of mine as Jeremy Scott is...still gotta LOVE her fashions!

OR maybe to make me even happier, I'll just move the MIDDLE guy out the way, & stand next to Jeremy myself !! (SMile lol)


Tuesdai Noelle said...

hopefully the link shows up, if not...hmmm...