Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm late but...

Happy New Year!!!

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...hey, I don't know what to say anymore...
I wished you a happy new year so... bye bye :)

I'm kidding!
So, 2008 has been a great year... for me, for music, for cinema, for fashion...
But of course... you know that there's a King of 2008, and you also know who he is....


King of 2008

Yessssssss! Yes we did! I'm so glad of this victory... On the January 20th he'll officially become the next president, and I'm really curious to see what he's gonna do :D
November 4th - Election of Barack Obama

I wanted to make a sort of list of the most important things that happened in 2008, but it is too difficult. What you thought, I'm not Perez.
And this is my first post of 2009! I think it's gonna be a dope year ;)
That nine is something new and fresh... 0.-

The best movies of 2008 were:
1) The Dark Knight (R.I.P. Heath Ledger)
2) Iron Man
3) Wall-E :o)

It was a great year even for music... Madonna was wonderful, I loved "4 minutes" and "Give it to me". I hope "Beat goes on", feat. Pharrell and Yeezy, will be the next hit single after "Miles Away"...
What about Rihanna, with "Disturbia", "If I Never See Your Face Again"...
... And Katy Perry! Katy Perry is da shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then Britney Spears, Pink, Kanye West, N.E.R.D., Beyoncé... and Coldplay, with "Viva la Vida"! I think it is the song of 2008!

1) Viva la Vida
2) I kissed a girl
3) 4 minutes
4) Disturbia

I'd put "Disturbia" as 3rd, but "4 minutes" is really something new (for Madonna... not for us....hey we ain't mummies)

I'll post some pics as soon as possible, but now I have to go :)

P.S: I found Carlito's Way in the chest :D :D :D

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