Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm loving these =D

I finally found this brand's name: House of Holland. When I was looking for Agyness Deyn's pics on Google, I saw this:

and I immediately liked them... My favourite is the "uhu Gareth Pugh" one... You know, I love Gareth Pugh and it is plain.. Plain, just black&white, like Chanel *grin*!

And plus, House of Holland designed a pair of Levi's 501 inspired by Beverly Hills 90&something... And I love them too, but I don't think they sell 'em in Italy..! :(


... :D
So, after this "intro", I'm telling you I'm gonna have a full immersion in Fashion...
Where??? In Milan! Yep, I'm going to Milan on the March 18th, because on the 19th there's John Legend concert, and yesterday my brother bought the tickets! Heehee :D
I really can't wait, both for the concert and for the shopping, of course!
I'm TRYING to save some money for it, because I want to buy me something :)
Every time I go to Rome, I buy me something, such as a reward for something good I did, or just to get me some satisfaction. Mmm... No, I think it's the second one! ;P
I usually buy something at LaFeltrinelli, a multimedia shop.. I love it, it's full of art, architecture, it's really quiet, and there's even a bar, so I can relax listening to some songs and drinking a fruit juice or a hot chocolate :D
God... I wonder how many boutiques are in Milan... Just the thought of it, it makes me feel sick!


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Deynes character is flamboyant, unique & original...original like "unexpecting"..she's one cool chick!

Love all of these fashions, cute & trendy. Have fun at the concert & Milian...you'll have to take pictures & post them up for the world to see!

Miss Denise said...

I love Agyness! She looks like a rebel lol. Those shirts are cool, do they have an official website? YOU ARE SO LUCKY! You're going to see John Legend:( He's coming to L.A but the good seats sold out fast and I will not be attending. Is he on tour with Estelle?